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Francis Dixon

Prolific songwriter, artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, mixer, and lover of all things music!

Francis Dixon is the owner and producer at Grace Abbey Studios. Francis started playing guitar over 15 years ago. Unable to read music, his journey began with writing his own songs in order to learn how to move through chord shapes. Since that day Francis has never stopped writing music with a new voice note being made on his phone almost daily.


Today we are on a search for artists who have music that sells. We are looking to write together, to produce and release amazing music. We'll work together in the studio and online and we'll have fun doing it.

Working with Francis will be like working with a good friend. He'll encourage you, spur you on, help inspire lyrics and melodies for your song all the while coming with a professional, focused mindset to make sure your songs are not only recorded, but shared worldwide for all to hear!


Learning from the best. Francis completed the monthly songwriting/producing course with grammy award winner, #1 hit writer Ryan Tedder.

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