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We're looking for the
next big hit.


We're looking the next big hit record, or artist who believe they have what it takes to write and release a hit record.


What's in a hit record? We believe a hit record is catchy, memorable, relatable, and repeatable.


"In the summer of 2022 Grace Abbey Studios shifted from a recording studio that sells studio time, to signing artists who have music that sells."

Writing Music


Together we are going to take your song and produce it to become the next big hit. Not only that but we will work together to write amazing music that sells.

Singer Recording a Song


Grace Abbey Studios is a small basement suite with big dreams. 

Backstreet boys could barely fit into Cheiron Studios, but they made great music. 

We believe it's not where we record, but what we record that matters. If we do that well, we believe the "where" will grow with us.

Vintage Vinyl Records


We are fully licensed and ready to release music together. To those artists who we sign, we deal in royalty splits, not upfront costs.


You will not pay for time in the studio, but we will share royalties of the music that sells. 

Why Grace Abbey Studios?

Let's start with why not. If you're looking to just record your music and release it yourself than we are not for you.


We are looking to collaborate and grow together. We are looking to sign artists under Grace Abbey Studios as a record label. Together we are going to make amazing music. 

Together we will work to write, record, release, promote, tour, market, and find ways to put your music in the hands of as many people as possible! (PS...if you don't have Tiktok, now is probably a good time)

There will be no "Getting Rich Quick" at Grace Abbey Studios, but they'll be no recording costs either. Like other Record Labels, we will all be getting paid through the royalties made from the music played, and as we get paid we will reinvest that money into making a career out of music and growing together. 

If this appeals to you and you think you have what it takes, if you think you've got an amazing song, then submit your demo. 

Demo's do not need to be professional mixes. We're looking for great songs with great artists. Send us a voice note from your phone even. 

If we think there's a fit, we'll see if we can take it to the next level.